Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh, the insanity!

How is it that the mind is so fast, so complex, and such a mystery yet we are only using only a fraction of it? You may not agree to this but we only use one or two parts of our brain, our minds at any given time I believe. You can tell me Im wrong, I dont mind, but from everything that I know, Ive heard that we only use a small percentage of our minds.
Can you imagine if we can fully engage our minds, fully, to anything? We could only imagine. Unless there is a super human who is in hiding or is being tested in some lab like some experiment but who really knows right? I always wondered about this! I cannot not think about this! For instance, when I get new ideas for books that I can never seem to completely finish, its just a wave of a brand new story, an adventure that plays in my mind. I can never stop it, to rewind and replay, it just pays instantly and then its gone! Thats what I hate most about writing I believe. I cant stick to one story fully because new ideas keep coming up that I need to write down immediately before I lose the idea all together and hate myself for not being able to remember this great idea of a story!
I dont know what it is but lately, I cant stop coming up with new ideas, its non stop! It really is infuriating when I should be studying, doing homework, and maybe try to pay attention in class but nothing would deter me from writing the ideas down before I can lose it. Nothing! But then the idea is gone and I lose focus of what I truly want to write, basically using my mojo to write the story down fully. But WHOOPS! There comes another story!
Its kind of scary to think that our minds are a mystery, how it works, how it thinks, how it creates something out of everything we know or maybe something we dont know. Im even having trouble with what Im dealing now and Im still thinking about what would happen if people have the ability to use their whole minds. Have you ever thought about it? Insane huh? Or maybe you have thought of it but never gave it another thought because it may never happen and such then yeah, I feel sorry for you for having no imagine or any creative thought. What would the world be right now if there no new ideas or creative thoughts? A pretty depressing one I think. But we do evolve and create without even knowing it, so there you go skeptics, food for thought!
But Im rambling on, once again. I just got out of class and Im trying to rewrite my notes and I just thought about this whole thing and of course I had to write it down somewhere. But the whole concept kind of reminds me of that movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper (yum!). Anyways, enough of this and back to the real world and all the things that go with it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour!

Now this is a time to actually show your support for our Earth, are you participating? I dont see why not! It's only an hour to turn off your lights, any major electronics, and see how much energy we actually have saved in that one hour. It doesn't seem like a lot right?
Well, it is!
This might be really too cliche to say but we really dont see how much energy we use on this planet, just wasting and draining its natural resources, and creating a more destructive resource from that natural power that the Earth is giving to us. If you dont think thats a crime in and of itself, then you need a reality check my friend!
I remember back in 2001 (give or take), there was a huge blackout that reached the whole of Southwestern Ontario. It was the middle of summer, I think July and for almost thee weeks, we were without power. But the funny thing was, we were out at Fanshawe camping, and we didnt even notice this hugs blackout that was around us. It actually brought our families together, who life outside of London, to spend some time out at Fanshawe park. It was the past three weeks yet; everyone was enjoying themselves, there was no care in the world because we werent so stressed out about the things at home because everything wasnt working. I really missed that summer, and would it be wrong to wish for another black out? Pfft No!
But I guess I can make do with this mini black out I shall call it. I really hope you would do the same, and be a part of this great change. It will acutally be fun to have a candle lit night, and just relax! Which is just the thing that I need right now.
So, I might be talking to thin air right now, since Not many people visit my blog, but if you are out there, I hope you will be joining the world for this great and life saving Earth cause.
Because I know I am!

So remember it is at Saturday, March 26th 8:30 local time.
Be a part of something greater.